photographed by: Robert Rieger

footage by: Poliana Baumgarten, Dennis Glomm, Saana Inari, Ashton Greene


photographed by: Robert Rieger

about Mayowa

pronounced: /my·yo·wah /

pronouns: she/they

Mayowa is a German Chancellor Fellow, Stand up Comedian, Film maker, Youtuber and Model originally from Atlanta, Georgia and currently living in Berlin, Germany. She is the founder and organizer of ISSA Comedy Show – the first and biggest comedy showcase highlighting the voices of Black/POC/ and LGBT comedians. Her first documentary film “Acting White” won official selection for the 2017 Feminist Film Week. She is a 2018 German Chancellor Fellow for the Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation. She post bi-weekly videos on my youtube channel: MayowasWorld talking about natural hair movement, body positivity, self-love and feminism.

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Created in 2016, MayowasWorld YouTube channel is a platform for the discussion of freeform locs, body hair, natural hair, feminism and female empowerment with an entertaining and educational outlook. With over 3,000 subscribers on Youtube, Mayowa produces, writes and edits weekly content focusing on various social issues with a comedic undertone. Generating a lot of engagement, Mayowa’s channel has created its own space in the natural hair movement – with over 15,000 views on videos she is allowing for individuals to engage and feel empowered in their own skin.


Virtual Healing Space for Sexual Assault & Domestic Abuse Survivors

( Dark Skin Femmes)

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The film confronts what it means to “Act White” in the context of contemporary America. Mayowa dissects the origin and usage of the phrase and the implications of its role in defining Whiteness, and by extension revealing Blackness.

Digging deeper, she discover how the phrase impacts mental health, the psyche, and self-identity. She focuses in on the phrase as an influence on younger generations.

The film breaks down the racial stereotypes we all accept – consciously or subconsciously – while exposing the consequences for the individual.

Narrating events from the perspective of a Black American, Mayowa questions the world around her, and even the qualities she sees in herself.


The Space’s Intention:

This virtual healing space centers dark skin womxn femmes & non-binary folks and their experiences where we also discuss the intersection of colorism and sexual assault and abuse. This Space will bring in dark skin folks from all over the world creating transnational solidarity and community.


ISSA Comedy show

Bread & Butter Nike Booth - 2018

ISSA Comedy is the biggest comedy night in Berlin, Germany bringing out over 300 people to each show. ISSA Comedy Show blends stand-up comedy and hip hop always  ending in a dance after-party with some of Berlin’s best DJ’s. The concept of the monthly showcase is to highlight comedians of color and LGBT folks while rejecting the racist and sexist humor that exists in the comedy world. ISSA Comedy has produced a devout community of folks who use the space as an outlet for expression without oppression.

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Performing for over 1,000 people Mayowa hosted the biggest intersectional feminist gala in Berlin where she interviewed iconic feminist Kimberle Crenshaw. She has done standup at Bread and Butter  - Berlin's biggest trade show, and also was a key motivational speaker for Nike International Woman's Day. She speaks on panels and leads workshops along with consultancy work around social media marketing and community building.

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